Burwell Ware

Burwell Ware participated as an actor  in Survival Information Television: Must You Pay the Rent?(NOVAC, 1975) playing a landlord in that show. He was executive director of New Orleans Video Access (NOVAC) from 1974 to 1975 and also from 1979 to 1981.He also worked in development for the organization. As a producer, he made Just Sign Here about the dangers of cosigning loans, How to Buy a Used Car and Como Conseguir Trabajo about how to get a job (in Spanish), Cheap and Greasy about a songwriter, the Hummingbird Grill, and Community Legal Education in the United States. He served as executive producer for NOVAC's project, Survival Information Television, which offered survival skills for people in social-service waiting rooms.  development. In 1981, Burwell left NOVAC. In 1986, he produced A House Divided, which documented segregation in New Orleans and its fall.