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Position Summary. The Program Manager is responsible for managing the major program activities at Scribe Video Center, including the educational workshop program, screening and lecture series, community based workshop productions and after-school/summer youth production workshops. The Program Manager is a personable colleague and must have a demonstrated commitment to the mission of Scribe Video Center, a solid background and training in independent film/video production, experience in film/video education, and excellent written and verbal skills. The Program Manager should have a body of creative work as a working media artist.  An important task is supervising guest artists and program contractors, including instructors, production crew, project facilitators and guest programmers, as well as the program staff responsible for outreach to constituency, promotion and publicity of programs. The Program Manager will take an active role in the management of programs, including developing and overseeing budgets and assuring that projects stay on schedule and achieve contractual goals.

The position of Program Manager has four main areas of responsibilities.

Workshops: Coordinating the instructional workshops is a central responsibility of the Program Manager. Each year Scribe offers over 50 workshops, most of them multi-week, in various aspects of media production. Workshops are offered in trimesters. The Program Manager works closely with the Executive Director in creating curricula, deciding which workshops will be of benefit to our constituency of emerging, mid-level and established media-makers. The Program Manager recruits, interviews and contracts with instructors, who are often drawn from the Philadelphia region's large community of working filmmakers. In addition to working with local filmmakers as instructors, Scribe offers a limited number of Master Classes with filmmakers from around the country. The Program Manager identifies guest artists and makes arrangements for their visits to Scribe. A key component of the job is supervising the timely publication of a printed brochure publicizing workshops, published three times a year.

The Program Manager also coordinates evaluation and assessment mechanisms to determine the needs of constituents and the effectiveness of programs.

Partnerships: A major area of focus will include strengthening and developing programmatic relationships with external organizations and the independent media community– including community and neighborhood groups, schools, area colleges and universities, peer organizations (locally and nationally), funders and local independent media makers. The  Program Manager develops new strategic partnerships with other institutions as a way to serve Scribe’s mission to reach communities in Philadelphia that have been traditionally excluded from access to the tools of media production and training, as well as the rich diversity of national and international cultural programming.  The Program Manager will promote these collaborative relationships by, among other things, developing curricula for related projects and overseeing partnership productions.

Screenings: The  Program Manager programs Scribe's screening series, including the Producers' Forum (up to 10 a year), which provides a venue for nationally recognized artists to present new work and talk about their artistic practice; Storyville, a monthly presentation of non-fiction films by local videomakers; and Street Movies!, a community based screening series. In order to bring important new works to Philadelphia, the Program Manager must have knowledge of trends in the independent media field, particularly new works produced by artists from groups under-represented in mainstream commercial media (such as African-American, Latino, Asian-American, Native-American, women, and LGBTQ media artists.) There is a small annual travel budget for the Program Manager to attend festivals and seminars (e.g., The Robert Flaherty Film Seminar, AFI DOCS, Toronto Film Festival and/or New York Film Festival) for professional development.

In-House Events: For all in house events – including screenings and special presentations, the Program Manager ensures that all events are adequately staffed, including securing hosts and technical crew. The Program Manager coordinates receptions and public events.

The Program Manager reports to the Executive Director and consults with the Exective Director in order to carry out the duties of the position. The position is full time (40 hours a week) with health benefits and accrued vacation time. With advance approval, the Program Manager may arrange a schedule of flexible full-time hours. Salary is commensurate with experience. Benefits include accrued vacation and health care insurance.


1. MFA (or equivalent) or minimum of five years' professional experience as a film/video producer.
2. Minimum of three years teaching experience in film/video production or related field.
3. Knowledge of the national and regional independent film/video community.
4. Highly organized individual who can manage print production and publication deadlines;
5. Excellent writing and verbal skills, including experience with public speaking;
6. Knowledge of marketing and promotion;
7. Ability to work with diverse constituencies and to represent Scribe to national peer arts organizations and community organizations.
8. Excellent computer and Internet skills.

Please Send a Letter of Interest describing relevant experience and the vision you bring to the position. Include a CV or resume and the names of three professional references. Applications should be sent via e-mail to:

Applications should be received by June 14, 2019 to insure consideration.

Scribe Video Center is committed to serving a diverse constituency in the Philadelphia area and affirmatively seeks a staff that reflects that diversity of race, ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, physical ability and economic status.



Some of Philadelphia’s most outstanding media makers have taught and presented works at Scribe. We create a venue for experienced media makers to share their skills with emerging artists at our workshops in West Philadelphia and in community media production projects throughout the Philadelphia region. We are looking for talented artists with solid skills in HD videography, sound recording, editing, animation and motion software, web design. Most of our instructor/facilitators have MFAs and/or have produced a solid body of creative work. Our hourly rate for teaching is comparable to area colleges. (But in all honesty, you're not going to get rich doing this, but you will make a huge difference.)

Please send a cover letter, resume and web-links of your work to with “Teaching Artist” in the subject line.

Freelance Photographers Wanted

Scribe Video Center seeks work-for-hire photographers to document community media projects. The photographer will attend production planning meetings and document community-based productions throughout the Philadelphia area. We are asking for behind the scenes production photos, as well as publicity stills suitable for newspaper, printed brochure, and web-based promotion. Scribe will pay $125 per shoot date for a minimum of ninety minutes per shoot and a minimum of 100 digital images.

If interested please send a resume and examples of your work to

Volunteer At Scribe

We often need volunteers at screenings and events. If you would like to be added to our list of prospective volunteers please email us at