What Is Scribe?

Scribe is a community based media arts center which provides training in video making and access to the tools of production. But beyond that Scribe seeks to create a community of videomakers, storytellers and activists.

Is Scribe Open To The Public?


What Are Scribe's Hours?

Scribe business hours are Monday to Friday from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm. We are also open weeknights and on Saturdays when workshops are in session. If you plan to stop by we always recommend that you call ahead.

I Want To Become A Scribe Member. How Can I Do That?

HERE is all the information about becoming a member.

Can I Rent Scribe's Production Equipment?

Yes you can rent our production equipment if you are a workshop participant, a Scribe member, an interested individual or a media artist that works on a non-commercial project in the region of Philadelphia. A proof for efficient knowledge of equipment usage is required, as well as a rental procedure, approval, from the Media Center Facilities Manager. A discount applies to all Scribe members although our rental prices are already very low. HERE is information on renting equipment.

Does Scribe Rent Its Screening Space?

Scribe reserves its screening space primarily for organizing events such as lectures and seminars for workshops or other media gathering related to the organization. We may consider renting our screening space to communities, locals or media artists interested in hosting personal screenings, lectures or seminars related to topics involving the region of Philadelphia or artistic explorations via the medium of video. HERE is more info on renting Scribe.

Does Scribe Provide Fiscal Sponsorship?

Click HERE is an overview of our fiscal sponsorship program.

Does Scribe Make Videos For Hire?

No, however, Scribe Video Center may assist in the video coverage of local events to support the community of Philadelphia. Scribe offers workshops to educate those interested in video production and in utilizing the digital media as a means of artistic expression, personal exploration or communal effort to raise awareness of social or political concerns.