Visual Communications (VC)

Based in Los Angeles, Visual Communications (VC) is the first community-based, nonprofit media arts organization created by and for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Inspired by the Civil Rights and Anti-War Movements, indie filmmakers Duane Kubo, Robert Nakamura, Alan Ohashi, and Eddie Wong formed VC in 1970 to document Asian and Pacific American experiences, empower communities, build generational connections, and challenge perspectives. VC photographed community events, recorded oral histories, collected historical images, and produced films, publications, and photography exhibits. In the 1970s and 1980s, they produced over fifty films, premiering the first Asian American film, Hito Hatta: Raise the Banner (1980). In the 1990s, Visual Communications transitioned into a media arts center. With one of the largest photographic and moving image archives documenting Asian Pacific life in America, their programming also includes the annual Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, emerging artists fellowships, and C3: Conference for Creative Content.