Vietnamese Youth Development Center (VYDC)

The Vietnamese Youth Development Center (VYDC) empowers Asian, Pacific Islander, and urban youth by developing leadership, supporting academics, providing job opportunities, and strengthening relationships. In the 1970s, families fled war-ravaged Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. They settled in the Tenderloin district, one of San Francisco’s poorest neighborhoods. Between 1975-1991, over two million Southeast Asian refugees came to the United States, with large numbers resettling in California. Refugee and immigrant parents faced limited support for trauma, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Their children confronted acculturation, assimilation, limited parental involvement with school, language barriers, and isolation. In 1978, Lam Duong led a group of Vietnamese refugees to found VYDC, first housed at Glide Memorial Church through the support of Reverend Lloyd Wake. VYDC has expanded from a one-room office offering translation services, English as a Second Language, and vocational classes into a nationally-recognized multi-service center serving youth of all backgrounds in San Francisco.