Tony Buba

Tony Buba made Voices from a Steeltown (1983) in Braddock, Pennsylvania. Tony and his production company, Braddock Films, represent a singular commitment to the communities of Braddock and Pittsburgh. An active independent filmmaker and lifelong resident of Braddock, Buba produced films since 1974 and is responsible for telling the world about the deindustrialization of the Monongahela River Valley. Voices from a Steeltown followed his short film series The Braddock Chronicles. The Independent Spirit Awards nominated his film Lightning Over Braddock: A Rustbowl Fantasy (1988) for Best First Feature. His other titles include Struggles in Steel: A Story of African American Steelworkers (1996) and We are Alive: The Fight to Save Braddock Hospital (2013). In addition to the many films produced by Braddock Films, Buba has worked on industrials, commercials, documentaries, and features. Early in his career he played a motorcycle raider in the cult classic Dawn of the Dead (1978).

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