Testing The Limits Collective

Formed in 1987, the Testing The Limits Collective aimed to empower people with AIDS through documentary. When the US government took no action toward the AIDS epidemic, global activism emerged, and Testing The Limits formed to document it. In 1986, David Meieran and Gregg Bordowitz developed a video project to spread awareness about the AIDS resurgence in New York City. A year later, Sandra Elgear, Robyn Hutt, and Hilary Joy Kipnis joined to produce Testing The Limits’ first documentary about AIDS activism. It was known for its footage shot by whomever had the camera at a demonstration, public meeting, or activist interview, visuals that were motivated by political commitment rather than by production values. The group eventually shifted from alternative media work in communities to more theatrical and broadcast independent media work in an attempt to professionalize and garner air-time for projects.