Scribe Video Center

Scribe Video Center was founded in 1982 by Louis Massiah as a place where emerging and experienced media artists could work together, gaining instruction and access to the tools for video making. Scribe provides training in film, video, audio production, and computer-based interactive media as tools for social change, artistic expression, and representing and supporting the makers’ own communities. Creating media works that celebrate cultural diversity, Scribe Video Center facilitates new approaches to video aesthetics and the exploration of community issues. Since Scribe's founding, thousands of people and over 250 community groups have documented their concerns, dreams, hopes, and passions in over 350 videos. These works represent perspectives and visions that have not been voiced or represented in any other media. A nationally recognized media arts education and production center, Scribe employs a unique participatory community media methodology where people work together in collaboration to document community concerns.