Robyn Hutt

Robyn Hutt was part of the collective that produced Testing the Limits: NYC (Testing the Limits Collective, 1987). The Testing the Limits Collective included Greg Bordowitz and Meieran as well as Sandra Elgear, Robyn Hutt and Hilery Joy Kipnis, and Jean Carlomusto. Within the first year of its existence the collective produced its seminal work Testing the Limits: NYC as well as videos for the Gay Men's Health Crisis. From 1988 through 1991 the collective, led by Meieran, Elgear, and Hutt as producers, continued work on what became a feature-length documentary, Voices from the Front (1991), documenting the grass roots organizations that developed to provide the many services and therapies needed by people with AIDS that both the government and the pharmaceutical industry seemed willfully negligent in providing. 

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