Movement for Black Lives (M4BL)

In response to continuous state violence against Black communities globally, more than fifty organizations representing thousands of Black people formed a coalition in 2014 called the Movement for Black Lives (M4BL). The movement sought to establish a political platform and in 2015, convened at Cleveland State University. This conference reaffirmed resistance to state violence, systemic underinvestment in Black communities, the caging of Black people, targeting of Black neighborhoods, and schools that criminalize rather than educate Black children. Subsequently, the M4BL initiated a year-long process of assembling local and national groups in the name of liberating Black communities in a united front. Today the movement includes the Black Lives Matter Network, the National Conference of Black Lawyers, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, the Alliance for Educational Justice, and Mothers Against Police Brutality. Color of Change, Race Forward, Brooklyn Movement Center, PolicyLink, Million Women March Cleveland, and ONE DC have all endorsed the M4BL.