María Teresa Rodríguez

María Teresa Rodríguez was a project facilitator and part of the collaborative team that made Los Trabajadores (Scribe Video Center, 2002). She is a media artist whose work often explores the intersection between family, memory, history and identity in the Americas. Her work includes Mirror Dance (2005, directed and produced with Frances McElroy), and Niños de la Memoria (2012, produced with Kathryn Smith Pyle). She recently participated as a collaborative artist in The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University’s project, Discovering the Selinsgrove Center, a co-creation with people with intellectual disabilities that gives voice to their lived experience in a Pennsylvania state institution. She taught or collaborated on community projects at Scribe Video Center from 1995 to 2012, before spending much of the year in Montevideo, Uruguay, and she still considers Scribe one of her Philadelphia homes!