Headwaters Action Video (HAVC)

Headwaters Action Video (HAVC) formed in 1997 to provide video support and witnessing to Headwaters Forest demonstrations and to maintain an archive for use in media outreach. Northern California has the last remaining ancient redwood rainforests in existence and is the site of ongoing struggles to protect these trees. Clearcutting and herbicide spraying in these forests has impacted not just the trees, but also endangered species and the lives of the area’s human residents. The salmon industry has collapsed. A mudslide wiped out homes in Stafford. The once prolific Coho salmon and other forest creatures are verging on extinction. Headwaters Action videos influence public opinion and build mass support. They probe the corporate destruction of US rainforest. They show the power of nonviolent direct action and civil disobedience, as well as the infiltrations of the police state. Until the government and corporations begin to respect unspoiled nature as more than simply its market value, video and film documentation are essential for education and inspiration.