Deep Dish TV

The first grassroots satellite network launched in 1986, Deep Dish TV is a video production and distribution laboratory. Seeking to democratize media, Deep Dish provides a national platform for thousands of community-based organizations, visual artists, programmers, and social activists. With creativity, humor, and small budgets, the network has produced over 300 hours of content. Deep Dish advocates for political awareness and challenges corporate media distortions. Documentary series probe the US invasions of Iraq (Iraqi Women Speak Out, The World Tribunal on Iraq, Fallujah, Shocking and Awful, and The Gulf War Television Project), US criminal justice and healthcare systems (America Behind Bars and Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired), and racism in US media (Spigots for Bigots or Channels for Change). Deep Dish has aired on public access television stations and public interest channels on satellite networks, such as Free Speech TV on Dish Network and Link TV on DirecTv.

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