Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong

Cindy Hing-Yuk Wong was part of the collaborative team that produced To the Point (Scribe Video Center, 1997). She is currently Professor of Media Studies at the College of Staten Island.  Born and raised in Hong Kong her research experience in East Asia, Europe, Latin America and the United States, she incorporates multicultural and global perspectives in her research on grassroots media, Hong Kong cinema culture and practices, diasporic media, global Chinese Diaspora, and international film festivals. Her book, Film Festivals, Culture, People and Power on the Global Screen (Rutgers, 2011) offers the first comprehensive overview of the history, agents, films, and multiple agendas of the global festival world. She is the co-author of Global Hong Kong (2005) and the co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Contemporary American Culture (2001), she also has published articles in Asian Cinema, American Anthropologist, Postscript, Velvet Light Trap, Amerasia, and Asian Cinema.