Christi Cooper

Christi Cooper was part of the team that developed Stories of TRUST: Calling for Climate Recovery: TRUST Alaska (Our Children’s Trust and WITNESS, 2011) in Alaska. Christi holds a BA. in Microbiology, a PhD in Neuroscience, and an MFA in Science and Nature Filmmaking.  Based in Montana, she has worked with a host of science, government, and environmental organizations. Christi Cooper grew up in Boulder, Colorado, where she developed a strong connection to nature and the outdoors. After significant time in basic research and teaching at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, she made the decision to pursue an MFA in Science and Nature Filmmaking at Montana State University. Communicating very complex issues through storytelling and visual narrative, she combines her research skills and in-depth knowledge of science to raise awareness about sociopolitical issues through compelling narratives. She was awarded an Emmy for her Cinematography on Indian Relay (2013).