Big Noise Films

Big Noise Films is a non-profit media collective dedicated to producing beautiful, passionate, revolutionary images. Based in New York, their ground-breaking feature films, Zapatista (1998), Black and Gold (1999), and This Is What Democracy Looks Like (2000) have won awards at major film festivals around the world. As founding members of the Independent Media Center video team in 1999, they collaborated in editing the historic daily satellite feeds from the World Trade Organization (WTO) protests in Seattle. They have reported from Argentina, Afghanistan, Brazil, East Timor, Ecuador, Iraq, Mexico, and South Africa for national television news programs. In 2002, they were the only media to break the story on the siege on the Church of the Nativity in Palestine. Between 2008-2011, they produced short pieces about international and US political conflicts called Dispatches. Richard Rowley from Big Noise Films directed Dirty Wars: The World is a Battlefield (2014) and The Blue Wall (2018)