Founded in 1969 in Kentucky, Appalshop brings forth new and often unheard voices from the people of Appalachia and rural communities across America and abroad. Projects present stories that commercial media avoids, challenge stereotypes, support grassroots justice and equality, and celebrate cultural diversity. Musicians, coal miners, fast-food workers, truck drivers, caretakers, prisoners, community activists, students, teachers, and artists create compelling solutions for a better life for their families, communities, and country. Through media productions, public presentations and educational projects, including film, video, radio, new media, music, theater, and community exchanges, Appalshop amplifies these voices. Located in the heart of the central Appalachian coalfields, Appalshop houses media production and training facilities in film and video, a community radio station, a 150-seat theater, an art gallery, and a regional archive of over 4,000 hours of film, audio recording, and still images. It contributes over $1,500,000 into the local economy each year through salaries and programming.

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