Activist Archivists

The Activist Archivists is a collective of media archivists and academics utilizing all available digital tools to support individuals and communities in voicing their concerns and opinions. They share knowledge and provide assistance with archiving and preservation. They want to improve the discoverability of media content and support the use of digital media as evidence and as a creative resource. They also aim to ensure that the rights and intentions of media creators are respected, preserving social movement legacies. They see the power of archives to inform and inspire action, to record the histories of social movements and change, to document abuses of power, and to protect activists on the ground. Activist Archivists is committed to participation, collaboration, and transparency in their desire to help archivists and institutions become active participants in, rather than passive aggregators of, the global narrative. The core team includes Howard Besser, Dan Erdman, Kelly Haydon, Marie Lascu, Lindy Leong, Yvonne Ng, and Rufus de Rham.