Community Projects

Scribe has many great projects for communities to participate in, including:

Film Scholars

Film Scholars is a series of courses designed to guide emerging documentary filmmakers from conceptualization through completion of their projects. To be eligible you must be a Scribe member, submit an application, and commit to participating in all four courses: Blueprint for Documentary, Production Management, 14 Week Production Workshop and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Documentary History Project for Youth

The Documentary History Project for Youth is a program in which middle and high school students work with experienced filmmakers and historians after school and during the summer to research, plan, and produce documentaries about issues of local historical significance. Each year the documentaries focus on a different topic exploring the social, environmental, cultural, and/or political history of the region.

Precious Places Community History Project

The Precious Places Community History Project is a place-based oral history program now in its six cycle. Over the past seven years, Precious Places has teamed 75 neighborhood groups with experienced filmmakers and humanities consultants to make locally-authored documentaries that explore the political and cultural history of public spaces in their neighborhoods.

WPEB 88.1 FM

WPEB 88.1 FM provides a much needed local, progressive, and accountable media outlet to serve as a voice for West Philadelphia’s many communities. It provides a forum for individuals and community based organizations to discuss the issues that affect us, play music not heard on mainstream media and promote education and creative substantive expression. For more information about being a part of WPEB, please visit and contact the appropriate committee co-chairs.



Community Visions

Community Visions was a free ten-month video production program for members of community groups. In this program, participants learned to produce short documentaries about issues of importance to their constituencies.


Muslim Voices Of Philadelphia

Muslim Voices of Philadelphia is a community history project exploring the rich histories of Philadelphia area Muslim communities. Working with Scribe, members of local Muslim religious and cultural organizations produced collaborative media pieces on diverse topics, including key organizational and institutional histories, immigration, conversion stories, and experiences of women in Islam. Project information can be found on the project website:

The Great Migration: A City Transformed (1916-1930) 

The Great Migration Project explored the historic tide of African Americans moving North that changed Philadelphia, America and the world. The keystone of this project, created by Scribe Video Center, are five commissioned media arts works that reveal the ties between the agricultural world the migrants left behind and the new industrial world they helped create. See for more information.

ESights, ESounds 

eSights, eSounds, a New Media initiative, was part of Scribe's 25th anniversary celebration. Scribe commissioned four projects that commented on social, political and cultural issues affecting the Philadelphia region using New Media forms - cell phone cameras, interactive websites, video games, blogs, wikis and other methods - as creative tools for storytelling. We have incorporated some of the methodologies of eSights,eSounds into our other Community Media programs. Planning and outreach for eSights, eSounds was coordinated by Termite TV Collective and was supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation.