Artist Resources

About Artist Resources

These tools and resources for local independent artists include fiscal sponsorship, access to high-quality camera, lighting, sound, and editing equipment at low cost as well as producers' support groups for artists in mid-production.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Scribe Video Center provides Fiscal Sponsorship services for a limited number of projects by independent film and video artists in the Philadelphia area. Projects must be non-commercial and relate to the broad mission of Scribe, which is encouraging artists who "seek to explore, develop and advance the use of video as an artistic medium and as a tool for progressive social change." Proposals are reviewed by a committee of board and staff during the year.

Equipment Access

Although primarily for use by workshop and other program participants, Scribe provides limited equipment access to video, film, audio and auxiliary production equipment, as well as post-production equipment (dubbing and editing) to independent media artists. We require proof of familiarity with equipment before it may be used by non-workshop users.

Production Consultations

Scribe provides informal and formal consultations to independent producers in various aspects of production (fundraising, scripting, shooting, editing, etc.) and will also try to pair emerging artists with more experienced producers to facilitate the completion of independent productions.

Screening Opportunities

Scribe Video Center invites you to submit your film or video for possible screenings in Street Movies! or Storyville.