Philadelphia Independent Media Fund


The Philadelphia Independent Media Fund awards grants to Philadelphia area independent media makers with digital video and audio projects in the postproduction stage with an anticipated completion date of twelve months from the grant award date.

Grants are awarded in amounts up to $2500 and are paid directly to service providers. This program awards grants twice a year.


Complete online application HERE

​Click here to view a pdf with the grant application questions.


What organizations are involved in administering this grant?

The Philadelphia Independent Media Fund is administered by Scribe Video Center. Evaluation of proposals and selection of grant recipients is made collectively by members of media arts organizations in the Philadelphia area who are involved in media making, educating and supporting local artists, as well as by individual members of the independent film and digital media community. The organizations include the Greater Philadelphia Film Office, PhillyCAM (Philadelphia Community Access Media), Reelblack and Scribe.  Support for the Philadelphia Independent Media Fund is provided by the Wyncote Foundation.

Who can apply?

A producer/director who is a current member of Scribe Video Center and whose primary residence is in Philadelphia or the surrounding counties. These include Bucks, Montgomery, Chester, and Delaware counties of Pennsylvania, the Camden, Burlington and Gloucester counties of New Jersey and New Castle County of Delaware.

All applicants must be at least 18 years old.

What projects are eligible for Funds?

Projects that are in the postproduction or distribution stage only. Only projects that are close to completion or expect to be completed within twelve months of the award date are eligible for funding. We welcome digital video works (including works for broadcast, screenings or gallery exhibition) and audio projects that are created for public audiences. Web-based art projects that have a clear strategy of reaching a broad public audience are also eligible.

What projects are ineligible?

Projects in the developmental or preproduction stages; commercial projects produced for organizations; screenplays; and works created for promotional or advertising purposes. Your application will not be considered if you have received a grant for the same project in the previous cycle.

What if my project is not far enough along for funds?

There will be two funding rounds per year for the Philadelphia Independent Media Fund. 

Who retains the copyright of the funded projects?

The filmmaker retains all rights to the project. The Philadelphia Independent Media Fund and Scribe Video Center must be duly credited in the end credit of the work and in all marketing materials. The copyright of the finished project must not be shared with any academic organization.

What services do the Funds cover?

We cover post-production services. These services include editor consultations; fine cut editing; sound mixing; scoring, color correction; Title design; Graphics/Animation/Illustration; dub titling; close captioning; DVD authoring;  DCP conversion, archival footage rights; master dubs; and duplication.

In order to promote a more robust local community, we encourage the use of local vendors. Please explore the Greater Philadelphia Film Office’s directory of vendors here.

What process is used to select the projects?

Scribe Video Center and members of the Philadelphia Independent Media Fund assemble a rotating panel of local indie filmmakers and representatives from non-profit independent media organizations to review all written and audio/visual application materials.

What does the panel consider when evaluating my application?

The panel awards projects they consider to have a reasonable expectation for public exhibition, an exhibition/distribution plan in place, an aesthetically engaging work of art and works that have the potential for broad distribution. The works must also be finished within twelve months from the award date. The panel also prefers projects that are at a critical juncture where the award will have a real impact on the filmmaker’s ability to complete the project.

How much money can I apply for?

Filmmakers can apply for a grant of up to $2500 to be paid directly to a service provider. All money will go to the vendor(s) with Scribe Video Center disbursing the funds directly to the vendor(s) upon receipt of the invoice. You may submit for up to, but no more than, three vendors. We encourage the use of local vendors, please explore this link for some ideas.

What are my obligations upon receiving a grant?

You have three obligations.

  1. The grant money must be used within six months of receiving the award letter.
  2. The work must be completed within twelve months of receiving the award letter.
  3. Because we want these works to be seen by local audiences, the completed work must be offered to and available for exhibition or screening by a non-profit media arts organization in the Philadelphia area including festivals, public media broadcast or cablecast, media arts centers, and gallery exhibitions within eighteen months of the work’s completion.

What should be included in the work sample?

A full-length rough cut that best represents this current film project. Submitting raw unedited footage is not appropriate, you should have at least a rough edit of your material.


How do I get an application?

Apply online HERE

When am I notified of the panel’s decision?

Notification is usually within 90 days of the deadline.

How do I send in my work sample??

You upload to your favorite video server and send Scribe Video Center the link. PLEASE TEST YOUR LINK BEFORE SENDING IT TO US! Please make your link public or remember to share the password.

Who are previous Fund recipients?

Check here for a complete list of past grantees.


The Philadelphia Independent Media Fund, a program of Scribe Video Center, is made possible with support from the Wyncote Foundation.