SEED & SOIL: Personal Journeys of Resilience, Healing and Transformation

SEED & SOIL: Personal Journeys of Resilience, Healing and Transformation

Thursday, June 10, 2021, 7:00 PM
$5 Suggested Donation

“Life tried to bury us, but we are the root and the seed”—mural at Ralph Brooks Park in South Philadelphia.

In this screening of short films, we witness personal journeys of life’s many obstacles and setbacks, and how undeterred, the individuals featured made a path to healing and growth.

Produced by Shuja Moore
Walkies is a documentary series that follows formerly incarcerated Philadelphians as they tell their stories of personal success after prison.

The Good Life (USA, 2019, 30 min)
Produced by Carolyn Wilson
A story of trauma, scars, healing, and freedom, The Good Life is one women’s journey of being molested and the pinnacle moment that led to healing from sexual child abuse. This film was created to help others heal from their own trauma and abuse.

Fuel For The Fire: HIV Stigma in the Black Community (USA, 2020, 21 min)
Produced by Asha Mollock
Fuel for the Fire features people in the Black community sharing their experiences of being traumatized by HIV- related stigma, and how they moved beyond and stood up to the challenges they faced.


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