Radical Remedies Philly and R.E.S.T. Preview

Radical Remedies Philly and R.E.S.T. Preview

Thursday, July 15, 7:00 PM
$5 Suggested Donation

In 2020, the Detroit Narrative Agency created Radical Remedies, a rapid response initiative addressing the dual pandemic of COVID-19 and anti-Black racism. The project’s attempt to amplify community stories and build collective healing and power aligned with Scribe’s mission, and in solidarity Scribe launched Radical Remedies Philly in winter of 2020. Please join us for the premier screening of submissions specific to Philadelphia and the greater region. Each film beautifully responds to the question, “what do resilience, resistance, joy, grief, and collective care look like during this time?” Following the screening of submissions, we will be showing a preview of R.E.S.T. by Jon Appel and Philadelphia native Lamont Gibson.

Radical Remedies films include Untitled 0.60s by Keyssh Datts, Dear Walter by Annielille "Ani" Gavino, Levitate by Annielille “Ani” Gavino and Jasmine Lynea, Magunita by Jasmine Lynea and Malaya Cassandra Gonzales Gavino Kollman, Oh, Land of the Sun by Ariel Goodman & Juan Carlos Marin, Digital Divide to Digital Equity by Nasya Jenkins and Big Picture Alliance, Autonomous Zone by Rat Porridge, Blossom by Tyson Skinker and Demi Mills, Just Have to Laugh by AhDream Smith and PlayMakers Repertory Company, Mute by Teyana Stone, and When is Philadelphia by Darren Wallace.

Written and Directed by Jon Appel, Produced by Lamont Gibson
(USA, 27 min, 2020)
In Philadelphia, Kay is plagued by extreme hours at her grocery store job. She takes R.E.S.T. (Rap- id Eye Stimulation Treatment), a product designed for workers who don’t have time to sleep. Meanwhile, Kay’s mother Anya leads a group of thinkers and activists who refuse to take R.E.S.T. due to its exploitative nature and numbing side effects. When Anya falls ill from long hours being awake on the clock, Kay must come to her aid, confronting her own worldview and becoming embedded in her mother’s work.

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