Muslim Voices of Philadelphia Vol. 3

Produced by: 
Scribe Video Center and Various Community Organizations

Precious Places Compilation Price:

Higher Education Institutions & Government Agency DVD | $139.00
K-12 & Public Libraries DVD | $79.00
Home Video DVD License – Restrictions Apply | $20.00



Muslim Voices of Philadelphia is a community history project exploring the long history of a diverse array of Muslim communities in the region. Members of mosques, masjids, schools, cultural centers, and other Muslim groups combine archival research, ethnography, oral history, and digital media to form a clear and expansive picture of the rich history of Islam in Philadelphia. This DVD features 2 films.


Films Included In The Compilation:

Lost No More by The New Africa Center (Islamic Cultural Preservation and Information Council, ICPIC) (2014)

Lost No More focuses on the transition and evolution of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam, after the death of its leader the Hon. Elijah Muhammad in February 1975, from a Black consciousness/social protest/religious movement to a faith practice following traditional Islam under the leadership of his son, Imam W. D. Mohammed (00:17:00). Read more

Masjidullah: Struggle for Human Excellence by Masjidullah Inc. (2018)

This documentary looks into Masjidullah’s origins as an independent Masjid, its growth and development through the years, and its members’ vision for the future of their community as it settles into its new campus (00:16:00). Read more


Film Stills: