Documentary History Project for Youth Vol. 20 - "Migration"

Produced by: 
2017 Documentary History Project for Youth

Documentary History Project for Youth Compilation Price:

Higher Education Institutions & Government Agency DVD | $139.00
K-12 & Public Libraries DVD | $79.00
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Scribe Video Center Program:

The Documentary History Project for Youth (DHPY) is an annual after-school, weekend and summertime digital media production workshop for middle and high school students. Each year, youth participants create short documentary films as a way to explore some aspect of the social, political and cultural history of Philadelphia. The compilation features 6 films.


Instructors: NaOme Richardson and Derrick Woodyard 


Films Included In The Compilation:

Now I Can Speak by Abia Noumbissi (Haverford High School)

This short documentary is about immigration and migration from the perspective of African and Chinese immigrants who didn’t speak English and had to learn English to get used to their new society and culture. It also tackles the topic of bilingualism and whether or not it's beneficial to the speaker (00:09:41). Read more

Fashion Dynamics: A Topic of Understanding by Madison Richardson (Science Leadership Academy at Beeber) and Tezita Marquis (Commonwealth Charter Academy)

This documentary clarifies the topic of fashion styles always migrate and a new fashion style takes its place. It speaks on where certain clothing gets its inspiration usually from foreign countries (00:11:23). Read more

Phones Move Us by Amral Farnum (Carver High School of Engineering & Science) and Cristian Vazquez (First Philadelphia Prepatory Charter School)

In the film, Phones Move Us, they unveil some early phones and how they’ve upgraded and how their usage has migrated over the few years they’ve existed. The film discusses the original iPhone debut and how it was a game changer in the mobile phone business. The documentary presents many different people who own iPhones, explores how they feel about their phones and how they have integrated apps into their lives (00:09:19). Read more

Life on a Stage by Zahli Bhayroo (Center School) and Elijah Davis (William Penn Charter School)

Life on a Stage speaks and informs of migration within the theatre with performers, writers, and directors. The documentary mentions the topic of how stories inside of the theatre migrate around the world and how the theatre helps create personal connections with people (00:09:37). Read more

Move to the Beat by Kyle Ramberan (Eastern University Charter School) and Eric Segal (Philadelphia Performing Arts Charter School)

The documentary Move to the Beat, features six Philadelphian rapper/ DJs who discuss how the internet has helped them distribute their music worldwide. Additionally, these artists discuss their beginnings in music and, how it feels while producing and playing their music. The film features Mic Stew, Royale, Lee Jones, Matthew Law, Lil Dave (00:09:20). Read more

Soul Searchers by Avery Broughton (Girard Academic Program)

This film is about people’s spiritual journey and ideals and the effect it has had on their lives. It explores different perspectives and experiences with people in the Philadelphia community. The film also shows how spiritualism is something people might like to share with other people within their community. An example of this is when one of the subjects read The Gospel Of Barnabas and shared it with everyone in his barbershop (00:09:43). Read more