Dance in Aunt Ida Lee, The

Produced by: 
Tina Morton
14 min

The video artist presents a charming and disarming portrait of her great aunt Ida, age 103, who shares memories of her days as a performer and her love of life, music, dance and God.

Tina Morton is an award-winning and prolific film and videomaker whose previously completed films and videos, include: The Dance in Aunt Ida Lee, A Day's Work, We The People, OpnFlo: Investigation, If You Call Them, The Plan and A Promise Fulfilled, which documents a Vietnam veteran who made a promise to his fallen comrade to journey across country in a horse-drawn covered wagon in the tradition of the Buffalo Soldiers. Morton's work has been broadcast on public television, featured in film festivals, exhibited in galleries and museums, and taught in colleges and universities in numerous cities across the United States.

Tina divides her time between Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC where she is an assistant professor in the Department of Radio, Television and Film at Howard University. In addition to her teaching experience at Howard University, she has taught several film/video production courses at Temple University and has served as a project facilitator for several Scribe Video Center community based projects.

Public Screenings, Broadcasts and Festivals: 

May 14, 1994 - Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema's 9th Annual Festival of Independents (Philadelphia, PA)
May 1997 - Screened as part of Philadelphia Museum of Art's Philadelphia Stories video exhibition (Philadelphia, PA)
February 13, 1998 - Scribe Video Center Retrospective, Five on the Black Hand Side (Philadelphia, PA)
March 25, 1998 - University of Pennsylvania Women's History Month event, Through Our Eyes: Images of Black Women in Film (Philadelphia, PA)
August 22, 1999 - Street Movies! screening at Habitat for Humanity's West Philadelphia headquarters (Philadelphia, PA)
August 29, 1999 - Street Movies! screening (Chester, PA)