Conversations With Flower

Produced by: 
Julia Grayer
18 min 30 sec

In "Conversations with Flower," pet therapy volunteer Jacque visits an independent living community with Flower, a loveable mutt from a local animal shelter. Richard and Hazel, together for over 50 years, Marion, lonely and sweet, and James, still hurting from his wife's recent and unexpected death, all light up when Flower arrives. But the cooing over their four-legged visitor and stories of past pets eventually subsides. What began as a simple interaction between people and dog turns into much more as the residents begin to reminisce about the best and worst times of their lives.

Julia Grayer graduated from Haverford College in 2004. In 2005 and 2006, she served as a hardworking production assistant on two independent films, Homecoming and Nail Polish.