Community Visions Vol. 8

Produced by: 
Scribe Video Center and Various Community Organizations

Community Visions Compilation Price:

Higher Education Institutions & Government Agency DVD | $139.00
K-12 & Public Libraries DVD | $79.00
Home Video DVD License – Restrictions Apply | $20.00



The Community Visions program teaches documentary video-making skills to members of community organizations in Philadelphia, Chester and Camden (NJ). A powerful way to document community concerns, celebrate cultural diversity, and comment on the human condition, Community Visions is a part of Scribe’s mission to explore, develop and advance the use of video, film, audio and interactive technology as artistic tools and as tools for progressive social change. This DVD features 3 films.


Films Included In The Compilation:

Hands Of Learning by Hunter Elementary School, Claymobile

This video portrays a vibrant partnership between the Claymobile, a traveling ceramic arts class, and the Hunter Elementary School in Philadelphia. It's a valuable and inspiring resource for art teachers, with many eclectic and innovative ideas on how to structure interdisciplinary classes using clay and pottery as a tool to understand science, architecture, and the environment (00:18:00). Read more

American Sroksrei: American Rice Paddy by Asian Arts Initiative (Pan-Asian Health Hahnemann Medical School Students)

Starting in February 1999, a total of 33 teens gathered on a weekly basis to script, shoot, and edit a 15-minute video addressing issues they decided were important in their lives. The dreams of Asian American teenagers, the expectations of immigrant parents, and the pull towards gang culture and violence are the themes of the resulting youth-produced narrative. The fictional story centers around three Asian-American teenagers their struggles and choices, set against the backdrop of life in Asian South Philadelphia and teen hip hop culture (00:15:00). Read more

Lonely Struggles by H.E.R.O. (Helping Energize & Rebuild Ourselves)

Two women, Paulette and Karen, talk about their lives, and how they and their children have been affected by public policy. The women are former welfare recipients, are of similar age and have had similar backgrounds, but they left the public assistance rolls in very different ways. The documentary was produced in collaboration with members of H.E.R.O. (Helping Energize and Rebuild Ourselves) Inc., which was established in 1994 out of a concern for the plight of poor single mothers and their children. H.E.R.O. works to empower these women to voice their stories, and LONELY STRUGGLES is part of that empowerment effort. H.E.R.O. founder and director Elaine Wallace notes, "These are not the stories of every single mother, but many women suffer silently with pains, poverty, sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. Karen and Paulette give them a voice (00:18:00)." Read more