How Can We Make a Change?

Produced by: 
Mothers in Charge and The Arts and Spirituality Center
14 min 11 sec

This video is available for purchase as part of a Community Visions compilation DVD.

Mothers in Charge is a determined group of women who are taking a stand against neighborhood violence. They are the family members of loved ones—mostly sons, fathers, or brothers—who became unwitting victims of Philadelphia’s deadly patterns of violent crime. The group was founded in 2003 by Dorothy Johnson-Speight after the murder of her 24 year old son. Grieving but courageous, members of Mothers in Charge conduct violence prevention, grief counseling, community outreach and education projects in an effort to support neighborhood safety and non-violent conflict resolution. They ask each other: “What have you done to save a life today?” The group’s youth initiative, Teens With Power, was founded by one mother’s daughter as an outreach program to reach potentially troubled youth. The two groups have partnered with The Arts and Spirituality Center, an organization that “utilizes the arts to heal the wounds of injustice.” Together they have produced dramatic performances that provide an outlet for grief and a powerful expression of community solidarity. How Can We Make a Change? is a portrait of everyday courage in the face of fear, and a testament to what a community can accomplish when they take collective action.