Athletic Recreation Center: The Jewel of Brewerytown

Produced by: 
Brewerytown Sharswood Community Civic Association with Scribe Video Center
9 min 10 sec

This video is available for purchase as part of a Precious Places Community History Project Vol.3 compilation DVD.

Baseball and Brewerytown have an illustrious history: the famed Oakland A’s baseball team originally hailed from this section of North Philadelphia. Known as the Philadelphia Athletics, the team was based in the neighborhood in the late 1800s. When they departed out-of-state, the Athletic Recreation Center was founded at the team’s former site. With a rich tradition of community-based sports and recreation, the Athletic Recreation Center has been a central feature of the Brewerytown neighborhood for over a century. Boxing, swimming, women’s softball, and basketball have thrived at the center along with its hallmark, baseball. This portrait video features the reflections of community residents who utilize the center, from young little-leaguers to senior-aged basketball players who still utilize the center after fifty years. As the Brewerytown section experiences a “growth spurt” of home building and small business development, the Athletic Recreation Center promises to continue to be a “jewel” in this North Philadelphia neighborhood.