Documentary History Project for Youth 2016: "Justice"

Produced by: 
Philadelphia-area middle and high-school students

Scribe Video Center's Documentary History Project for Youth 2016

This series of short films about fairness and equality in our society explores issues including gun regulation, voter suppression, the efficacy of the foster care system, and the value of taxes.

# To Be Taxed by Mark Spencer 
explores people’s knowledge of taxes.

American Hope by Elias Reed & Michael Hall
is about finding out what the American Dream is, and if it is Achievable.

Details in Corruption by Frankie Murphy & Jamilla Wilson
explores unjust situations in Venezuela and the U.S while comparing different types of corruptions.

The Heart of Foster Care Unlocked by Altiliano Tyler-Newbill & Karissa Jung
presents opinions of a foster child, a foster parent and a respite provider.

To Be or Not to Be by Cameron Swann & Czar McMichael Bey
takes a look into the justice behind gun violence for victims and perpetrators, and how we can create change.

Unexcused Absences by Josiah Scheidel and Seth Antrom
is about a first time voter's journey to election day and the complicated choice

Voting: Justice and Practice by Seth Antrom and Josiah Scheidel
examines the reasons why some eligible voters reluctantly become voters.