Documentary History Project for Youth 2015: "Policed"

Produced by: 
Philadelphia-area middle and high-school students

Scribe Video Center's Documentary History Project for Youth 2015


These short documentaries, produced by Philadelphia-area middle and high-school students, explore the concept of "policed" takes various forms in everyday life.



Experiments In Reaction To The Term "Policed"

Short Documentaries

  • Economically Speaking by Khalil Bland - Investigates barriers to obtaining quality housing and the factors that interfere. (8:20)
  • #Hashtag by Dalya Barnes and Aneas A. McGrudder - Examines social media as a potential liability and its effect on individuals and on communities.(11:33)
  • Overreaching Police by Mark Spencer - Evaluates police behavior, how police practice of differential treatment leads to police brutality and suggest some ways to change the outcome of police and community encounters. (15:56)
  • Seams Of Society by Chelsea Maddred and Nadia Slocum - Explores the everyday phenomenon of dressing and how people, as the consumers, are policed through societal dress codes within society. (13:14)
  • Social Side by Taj Bland and Avery Broughton - Examines the tense relationship between the police and the community while reflecting on the impact of emotional stress on job performance. (11:50)
  • You Are What You Eat by Musda Andrews - Explores individuals' perspectives about their access to nutritious food in the neighborhoods and suggest some alternative ways that individuals could obtain nutritious and non-processed foods for consumption. (12:32)

Instructors: Helyx Chase and NaOme Richardson