Documentary History Project for Youth 2014: "Poetic Justice" with "Not Your Mama's Drama"

Produced by: 
Philadelphia-area middle and high-school students

Scribe Video Center's Documentary History Project for Youth 2014


"Poetic Justice" with "Not Your Mama's Drama," a collaboration with the Pulitzer Center On Crisis Reporting


These short films explore the history of poetry, rap, spoken word, and the lexical arts in Philadelphia. Also featuring "Not Your Mama's Drama," an exploration of beauty and Black women's self image.



  • May 13th and Every Day After... - A class shooting, editing & sound recording exercise combining the written word of poet/performer Moor Mother Goddess with archival documentary footage of the M.O.V.E. Organization.
  • A Shift In Words by Jonathon Alexander, Taj Bland, and Tyquil Griffin - Explores the ways in which Hip-Hop has evolved through the 1980s, 90s, and today particularly through the "new" phenomenon of social media.
  • I Do What I Want by Olivia Haynes - A glimpse into the lives of poets Ursula Rucker and Stephanie Renee and how they incorporate multiple art forms into their poetry.
  • Racially Outspoken by Phillip Muller, MyJae Harris, and Monet Klein-Scearce - Explores race & racism as common themes in the works of poets Catzie Vilayphonh & Michelle Myers Yellow Rage, Camae Dennis Moor Mother Goddess, and Julia Lopez.
  • When I Was Younger by Tatiana Hall - An experimental aural and visual exploration of Hip-Hop Personified that poses the question "Am I Dead? Or Am I Evolving?"
  • Not Your Mama's Drama by Folake Ayiloge, Olivia Haynes, Kemi Jackson, Imani Ross, and Jasmine Tarver - This collaboration between the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting and Scribe's youth media program is an exploration of beauty, Black women's self-image, and images in the mass media.
  • A Freestylin' Philadelphia by Sophia DeOliveira - Inner-city Philadelphia youth discuss their troubled neighborhoods, how their surroundings affect the music they make and the words they write, and how poetry and spoken word allow them to transcend their circumstances and rise above it all.
  • Turnin' The Tables by J'Lynn Matthews - Radio Personality Lady B, Poet/Actor Craig Anthony, and MC/Filmmaker "Aster Da Rapper" discuss poetry and Hip-Hop, the differences/similarities between the two, and the current state of both art forms.
  • Healing Words by Imani Ross - An examination of how words can be used as a healing tool of expression for both the writer and the listener.