Documentary History Project for Youth 2013: "Philly Drums"

Produced by: 
Middle & High-School students in the Philadelphia area

Scribe Video Center's Documentary History Project for Youth 2013


"Philly Drums"


"Philly Drums" is a series of short films exploring the history of drumming and drum culture in Philadelphia.



  • Odunde: The Drum Is More Than A Beat by Olivia Johnson - A class shooting, editing, and sound recording exercise that documents the 2013 Odunde Festival and explores the origins of Odunde.
  • The Story of DHPY 2013 by Josiah Scheidel - A documentation and "behind the scenes" look at the 2013 Documentary History Project for Youth.
  • My Discovery - Baba Crowder by Kemi Jackson - A glimpse into the life and legacy of Master Drummer Baba Crowder (1930-2012)
  • Drumming Circle: Healthy Rhythms by Ophelia Murray - Explores how the drum is utilized as a healing instrument historically as a part of the African American experience and in the context of a modern day Germantown Drumming Circle.
  • African Drumming and Dancing by Gianna Smith - Compares and contrasts the rich history and tradition of African Drumming and African Dance and how arguably one could not exist without the other.
  • Women Drummers: Finding Her Voice by Jasmine Tarver - Women percussionists from a variety of musical styles and backgrounds (jass, R&B, metal, punk rock, and African drumming) share their stories and discuss their experiences in the male-dominated world of percussion. Interviews with Jan Jeffries (MusicOverMatter), Jaqui "Mah Doox" Gore (Joe Jordan's Experiment), Katy Otto (Trophy Wife), and Mary Francis (Women Shekere Ensemble).


assisted by Aneesah Islam, Edison Quinones-Vasquez, and Najah Moise. Instructors: Bryan Green, Pam Hooks, and Karen Warrington.