Upcoming Workshops

Audio Field Recording


DATES: Wednesdays, September 24, October 1, 8, 15; TIME: 7:00PM - 9:00PM; SUMMER 2014

Instructor: Jeff Towne
Fee: $120.

Audio is half of video! Improve your interviews and voice-overs by learning to acquire the best-quality sound for audio documentaries and multimedia productions. In this four-part class, we'll discuss the best gear to use (and some good-enough alternatives) and techniques for using that equipment. Learn when to use an omni-directional mic, a shotgun, a lavaliere, or a boundary microphone, and where to place them. Do you need a pistol grip, or a boom, or will a firm grip on the mic suffice? When are the built-in mics on the recorder good enough? We'll talk about avoiding background noise and distortion, and what to do when you can't. We'll also cover computer-based processing and editing techniques for improving your recordings once they've been made.

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Responsive Media Production and Transmedia Activism (Interactive Storytelling)


DATES: Thursday, October 2, 9,16, 30; TIME: 7:00PM - 9:00PM; SUMMER 2014

Instructor: Laura Deutch
Fee: $100.

Learn multimedia storytelling tools, interactive platforms, and nonlinear approaches to presenting community stories. We will look at Collaborative documentaries like Land Of Opportunity and #18 Days in Egypt and explore interactive projects like High Rise and Question Bridge to discuss ways to develop non linear storytelling techniques. The class will introduce students to tools like Klynt and Meograph as means to creating interactive and transmedia projects. If you have a media project in the works, this is a great opportunity to start to explore new platforms to present your work.

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Time-Lapse Filmmaking and Beyond with DSLRs


DATE: Saturday, October 4; TIME 11:00AM – 4:00PM (with ½ hour break); SUMMER 2014

Instructor: Richard Power Hoffman
Fee: $75.

Over the past several years, Richard Power Hoffmann has perfected a technique using a digital still camera exclusively to make films. This unique storytelling approach takes advantage of today's low cost yet high resolution DSLR cameras to acquire better than HD resolution imagery, and then dynamically manipulate it in post-production. Hoffmann will discuss how and why he has gravitated to this technique, and take the class through the process of using sequential photography, time-lapse, and making movies with stills in the hands-on portion of the class. Bring your own camera, and bring images to life!

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