Who is Paulo Freire?

Producer of the Work / Filmmaker: 

The Freire Charter School

Year released: 
19 min 12 seconds

This video is available for purchase as part of the Community Visions compilation DVD

Named for the Brazilian educational philosopher, Freire Charter School is an innovative, college-preparatory high school in Center City Philadelphia. The school is known for academic excellence and its distinctly Freirian emphasis on individual freedom, critical thinking, and experiential learning. Programs such as the PEACE Project provide students with individualized, self-designed curriculums. But in Freire Charter’s seventh year, some PEACE students realized that few at Freire knew much about the school’s namesake. Who is Paulo Freire?

Yorktown: You Are Here

Producer of the Work / Filmmaker: 

Yorktown Community Organization with Scribe Video Center

Year released: 
12 minutes

This video is available for purchase as part of the Precious Places Community History Project Vol. 3 compilation DVD.

Created in the early 1960s as an experiment in affordable home ownership for low and middle income families, Yorktown is one of North Philadelphia’s great success stories. Built on land that the Philadelphia Inquirer once dismissed as a gang and drug-ridden "slum,” Yorktown’s transformation was initiated by Bright Hope Baptist Church and 650 neighbors who banded together to address the housing needs of their community. They partnered with a development organization and formed a 98% black-owned housing cluster on 150 acres of prime land in North Central Philadelphia. Nearly 50 years later the community, still predominantly African-American, is thriving. But in recent years a familiar urban neighborhood specter has appeared: an expanding university. Temple University and developers connected to the university have increasingly bought up housing tracts adjacent to the campus to provide low-cost student housing. Elderly residents have sold houses to high-paying bidders seeking to transform their single-family homes into apartments for temporary renters. Like other Philadelphia neighborhoods, Yorktown’s vitality has been threatened by the combined forces of rising housing demand, university expansion, and gentrification. This documentary depicts a significant example of an urban housing success story, its challenges in an "urban housing boom era," and the tenacity of a neighborhood committed to maintaining its housing integrity.

Dance : Heartbeat of Community

Producer of the Work / Filmmaker: 

Directed by Margie Strosser, Executive Produced by the Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation

Year released: 
24 minutes

$20 for individuals / $35 for Community Institutions ie: libraries, schools, non-profits / $50 for Universities & Businesses

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Celebrate the work of dancer Ione Nash, a 74-year-old African American woman who has been teaching dance in community centers in Philadelphia for more than thirty years. A heroine to those who know her, Ms. Nash is grounded in her belief that passionate expression of feeling is at the heart of great dance. In this piece, interviews with several students, members of her dance troupe, her drummer/long-time collaborator Skip Burton, and others pay tribute to her iconic status as a dancer, teacher, and an honored elder of African American culture.

Filmmaker's Name: 
Margie Strosser
Filmmaker's Bio: 

Margie Strosser is an award-winning producer, director and writer in television and film whose projects include the autobiographical documentary "Rape Stories," and fictional works such as "Strange Weather" and "Moon Juice." Recently, Margie was the senior producer/writer for three seasons of "Birth Day," the Discovery Health Channel's highest rated daytime show. She and writing partner Cate Wilson are currently collaborating on a romantic comedy and a psychological thriller adapted from a British novel.

The Stockton Rush Bartol Foundation was created in 1984 by business and civic leader George E. Bartol III to promote cultural activities in the Philadelphia region. Integral to the Foundationís philanthropic mission is the belief that art and culture are central components of a livable community.

Public Screenings, Broadcasts and Festivals: 

November 5, 2000 - Shown with "When Dancers Go Bowling" at Prince Music Theater (Philadelphia, PA)

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