sex education

Teens on Sex

Producer of the Work / Filmmaker: 

Youth Health Empowerment Project and Scribe Video Center

Filmmaker Facilitator: 

Dina Mendros and Roxana Walker-Canton

Year released: 
18 minutes

An informative look at adolescent sexual health by an eclectic group of Philadelphia teens and teen peer educators of the Youth Health Empowerment Project. The video was collaboratively made with Y-HEP teen volunteers who powerfully deconstruct myths ("You can't get pregnant your first time."), address common concerns, and give useful, experience-based advice to their peers.

Filmmaker's Name: 
The Youth Health Empowerment project, Dina Mendros & Roxana Walker- Canton
Filmmaker's Bio: 

Youth Health Empowerment Project (Y-HEP)is a project of Philadelphia FIGHT that offers a comprehensive range of health promotion and youth development programs using a harm reduction approach to at-risk youth.

Dina Mendros is a member of Temple University's Women's Film & Video Collective and recently completed Temple's Master's program in Anthropology. A former writer for the Philadelphia City Paper, she is currently at work on a video documentary about a New York school for cross-dressing.

Roxana Walker-Canton is a filmmaker, author, professor and television host who currently works as visiting professor of media studies at Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT.


May 7, 1999 - "Film Talks to 'Teens on Sex'", by Gary Thompson, Philadelphia Daily News

Public Screenings, Broadcasts and Festivals: 

May 6, 1999 - Part of the Festival of Independents at Philadelphia Festival of World Cinema, International House (Philadelphia, PA)

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