Crossing Thresholds

Produced by: 
Thresholds in Delaware County and Scribe Video Center
13 min 33 sec

Adriana Quintero & Phil Rothberg

"What you find behind those clanging doors is so different from what you might expect. It's a human being looking for help," marvels longtime Threshold volunteer Theddress Thorpe. When Pennsylvania boasts a recidivism rate of 67%, and legislation passed each year further stigmatizes people who have a criminal record, yet are trying to become productive citizens again, programs like Threshold become very, very necessary.

The Delaware County-based non-profit Threshold matches trained volunteers and professional instructors from the community with prisoners interested in learning how to make better life decisions, both within and outside prison walls. Volunteers, inmates, former prisoners turned board members, and Threshold graduates turned volunteers offer "a breath of help and hope" to inmates eager to build a better life once they leave prison walls behind.

Thresholds in Delaware County, Inc. is a non-profit organization which teaches decision-making skills to interested inmates in Delaware County prisons by developing and maintaining a volunteer corps. Through this program, Thresholds builds a constructive relationship between the prisons and the community.

Adriana Quintero is a videomaker who also works as a production/administrative staffer for the Termite TV Collective.

Phil Rothberg is an independent film and videomaker. He also serves as Street Movies coordinator and has served as a facilitator for several Community Visions projects at Scribe Video Center.


December 4, 2002 - Brief mention in Philadelphia Weekly, Repertory Film Listings

Public Screenings, Broadcasts and Festivals: 

December 11, 2002 - As part of Community Visions premiere at Prince Music Theater (Philadelphia, PA)