From Camden to You: The Rebirth of Johnson Park

Produced by: 
Camden United
10 min 7 sec

This video is available for purchase as part of a Precious Places Community History Project Vol.4 compilation DVD.

Founded by Eldridge Johnson during Camden’s industrial heyday, Johnson Park fell into disrepair in when the city saw its factories closing and investment moving elsewhere. “From Camden to You” pays tribute to the city’s history as a center of innovation and industry through the invention that brought Johnson his wealth and the city its park: the Victrola. In the 1990’s, the city uncovered a fund Johnson had set aside for the park’s renovation—money that lain forgotten for nearly half a century to swell to nearly $180,000. From among the park’s newly-restored statues and fountains, visitors to Johnson Park maintain that a great spirit of hope still resides in this downtown refuge.